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About us

ERPA Guitar History


Soon after familiarization with the alphabet of playing guitar in 1998, Ehsan Roghani stepped into the realm of composing music through writing pop songs.

Continuing his path, he began to study music academically. Years of studying at university provided him a good chance to make advantage of Professor Amin Shahmiri’s knowledge, who was a sound physiologist .He inspired Ehsan and made him highly interested in acoustic construction of musical instruments.

As the initial step, he tried to repair his damaged guitars and his friends’ were the next. After a while, he was reputed as a gifted professional guitar repairer in the town.

He met Parvaneh Alivand in a music band. She was a coral singer and her interest in repairing guitar made them a true couple. Since that time, they have worked side by side, selling and repairing guitars. However, the word “enough” had no meaning to them.

They began to study the entire process of making a guitar. Although there was not a comprehensive method, they gradually succeeded in making this process practical in Iran. Finally they opened their first workshop in 2003 under the name of ERPA Guitar. ERPA is short for Ehsan Roghani and Parvaneh Alivand.

That is how ERPA Guitar was born, and this story is in continuation…





Contact info


  Unit 7 - No. 31 - Bilgin Apt. - Aytekin kotil St. - Fulya - Şişli - Istanbul - Turkey.


+90 (535) 89 12 408 

+90 (537) 417 80 68